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By g. (anonymous) | Posted July 30, 2013 at 02:36:47 in reply to Comment 90547

savetheblight is right,

how dare blanchard (spend 20 years buying up property in the core with no intention of doing anything with it except speculating) creat(ing a blight and preventing) something new and sustainable downtown when these fine old (buildings which through mr. blanchard's own neglect have come to look like) rat traps that no one visits (and) are a nice reminder why (actual property developers) stay away from downtown (because buildings like these are deliberately left to rot creating significant obstacles for real growth to take root as it has in other areas of the city.) raise a glass to raise the hammer (for maintaining a thoughtful and educated discourse on how this city can be improved based on research and experience and not speculation, ignorance, and out dated theory.) they have the right idea for downtown. let it (be renewed and restored and not left to) rot so there is something (for the city to take pride in instead of sitting back and looking at the mess and destruction and deciding that it isn't something to) complain about. now THAT is a vision worth following.

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