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By Employee (anonymous) | Posted September 12, 2006 at 11:15:25

Sorry Trevor,
I don't miss the downtown core and having to park 5 minutes away beside a methadone clinic. The people in the Meadowlands are much more civilized then the vagrents and pregnant 15-year-olds that hang out everday by the Tim Horton's on Hughson and King, asking you for change. I don't fear working late at night becuase I'll know I can walk safely to my car. An employee-wide raise you say? Why? Now we don't have to pay $30/month for parking and most of our employees live on the mountain anyways. I was embarassed to take our clients to some of the restaurants downtown. La Costa was the only decent restaurant in our area and they moved too. In the Meadowlands we have a variety of restaurants to choose from including an nice little Italian place in our building, DiMillo's Restaurante.

I believe this was a step in the right direction for Dalton Timmis. Our company is growing rapidly and 4 Hughson Street couldn't accomodate the fact that we were running out of room on the 8th floor.

I understand this move didn't benefit the downtown core but I think our Employee's Safety was more of a concern.


DTG Employee

This post does not in anyway reflect the beliefs/views of the Dalton Timmis Insurance Group but rather the views/beliefs of an individual who is employed by the Dalton Timmis Insurance Group.

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