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By King Street (anonymous) | Posted July 10, 2013 at 15:21:52

after a bit of research I found out the following. The average width of a vehicle is 6' with doors closed. Given a 6" average distance from the curb and a door opening of 2' the required width for street parking would be 8' or better. The narrowest parking lane width I can find in my research was 7'. 10' seems to be the standard for lane widths at lower speeds and 12' for higher speeds in my research. Bike lanes need 3' plus a 1' buffer generally speaking. At 40' we need 3' for a bike lane, 1' buffer, 20 ft for 2 driving lanes and 14' for on street parking on both sides given the design being considered here. That is a total of 38' The problem I still see is bus stops if the bike lane is on the right side. A huge fuss was raised recently in Toronto on the very issue of bike lanes and bus stops interfering with one another. I'd still suggest the bike lane belongs on the left to avoid that conflict. Glad to see the renderings show the bike lanes on the left. I am left wondering about the goal of having dedicated bus lanes and how this plan would seem to preclude that

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