Comment 90009

By Rational Optimist (anonymous) | Posted July 08, 2013 at 11:12:19 in reply to Comment 90006

You probably missed the parts of my post where I clarified the least-desireable elements of my commute, and explained what of this proposal bothers me, and might in my opinion might be improved.

To answer your question: yes, practically any change would be an improvement for me. Traffic on this particular stretch of Longwood already generally far exceeds the speed limit, the sidewalks are in places impassable after rains or snowfalls, and the sidewalk is immediately adjacent to the roadway.

Short of a change that would actually eliminate the sidewalk such as it is, any change would be positive. I would prefer certain changes over others, of course. You can read the sentence of mine that I quoted to mean "I am highly displeased with the situation as it is now, and see few ways in which it could be worse."

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