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By textbook (anonymous) | Posted July 05, 2013 at 12:30:59

I personally think the plan is great, and a major improvement over what is there now! While the 5-lane section isn't great, the reality is that a lot of people will access the Innovation Park via cars and this is necessary. Not to mention that a HUGE number of vehicles use Longwood as access from the mountain to westdale/dundas/Mac. Unless the MTO builds (i.e. with City funding) a new connection from Highway 403 EB to Main West, that volume is never going to go down.
I actually have the opposite opinion about the roundabout...much safer for all road users, including pedestrians. With the roundabout, everyone will have to slow down to get through it, as opposed to drivers "gunning it" to get through the green phase of the signal. Also, with respect to "the large numbers of students coming to Westdale High School from the Aberdeen area, the roundabout will be a significant deterrent to walking"...I completely disagreee. The pedestrian/multi-use path eliminates that concern. To my knowledge, no one lives in the SE quadrant of the intersection so there's no need to actually go through the roundabout...just around it...on the provided path.

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