Comment 899

By Mark-Alan Whittle (anonymous) | Posted September 12, 2006 at 00:02:03

Welcome to the Fred Eisenberger ‘Lame Duck’ election campaign.

I own and registered my lobbying firms domain name ( just like ‘Fast Freddy’ Eisenberger did for, his defunct election campaign web site.

But flogging off the responsibility to abide by the municipal elections act onto some as yet unidentified web developers doesn’t bode well for poor Fred, who seems hell bent on defining other in a lesser light of accountability, for shame.

He hasn’t got a prayer against the DiIanni onslaught at the ballot box.

As his Honor found out, owning up and taking your lumps is much better than unfounded blame assessment onto others, like mayoralty hopeful Fred Eisenberger seems to have done jumping the gun with his web site. LOL.

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