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By jason (registered) | Posted June 27, 2013 at 21:33:10 in reply to Comment 89794

Please, don't suggest that folks struggling with poverty in other parts of the city are being ignored thanks to the Code Red hoods. Code Red exists in the central/east lower city. Sure, poverty is everywhere, but not at that level, or depth. Code Red exists precisely because decades of city administrations have been content to ignore it and let it grow worse.

We have councillors showing more passion over a lane being blocked on King because someone is actually investing downtown, than Code Red issues.

Yet part of the reason Code Red remains entrenched is because anyone with a choice doesn't choose to live next to 4/5 lane freeways, feet from their front doors. Sad that in 2013 suburban councillors still don't care one bit about these inner city hoods if it means 45 seconds on their commute.

I would love north/south transit improvements, but let's first do the much needed Code Red east-west improvements. LRT should line every part of the city IMO.

But the case has clearly been made why the east/west corridor should be done first. Mountain folks are going to have to ease up on the NIMBY routine everytime something more dense than a townhouse is proposed if they want a real, top-notch higher order transit system to extend up there. With each passing km, the case for transit drops dramatically.
South of the Linc, everyone flips out when new development is proposed, yet those types of higher density development on main streets is exactly what will enable more transit to be a financially wise investment out there.

The choice is not 'either' N/S or E/W. It's both. As planned. Let's get some semblance of leadership at city hall that will make it happen.

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