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By jason (registered) | Posted June 27, 2013 at 21:23:00 in reply to Comment 89786

these guys still don't get it. First of all, most of the transports downtown are just passing through. And the places they are coming to/from are along the 403 and QEW/Burlington St. In other words, right on our ring freeway.

Secondly, I personally don't have a problem with trucks anywhere. But we don't need 5-lane freeways allowing stuff like this to happen. We get 'goods movement'. But it doesn't need to move at 60km an hour, 3 feet from pedestrians.

Here is Roncesvalles Village in Toronto:

I guarantee you this transport never picks up enough speed to send tires flying 500+ meters. Our streets should be designed for the highest and best use - the use that will reap millions of dollars in investment, new taxes, new residents, vibrant neighbourhood etc..... If transports still want to use those streets as their shortcut, more power to them. I bet they won't. Once we turn Cannon, Main and King into normal downtown streets, the trucks will happily use our half-billion $ freeway network.

And even if they don't, we'll still have safe, vibrant streets like Roncey.

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