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By Soaked Heads (anonymous) | Posted June 20, 2013 at 10:27:31 in reply to Comment 89637

> first, Blanchard has a proven track record of preserving historical buildings

He also has a proven track record of knocking down historical buildings. There's a by-law that you can't demolish a building and turn it into a parking lot that was written because of Blanchard.

> Second, Blanchard has repeatedly said he would be willing to preserve the buildings if he had the money to do so.

Other property owners who have preserved buildings in worse shape than the Gore buildings didn't need handouts to do it.

> Third, let’s not forget that Blanchard has already shown he’s willing to compromise when it comes to preserving these properties.

His "compromise" is he still knocks down 2 of the 3 buildings and maybe keeps the front 1/3 of the third building. But only if it makes sense and he can change his mind any time. Some compromise.

> Finally, I actually think this development will be good for downtown.

Except there's no development. No plan. No money. No business case. Just a rushed demolition and then years of empty lots while WB decides what to do with the land. No thanks.

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