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By The X Guy (anonymous) | Posted June 19, 2013 at 16:47:03

Well done Jason, very impressive.

I’d like to suggest a couple of more routes to link some gaps.

Link Stone Church (Existing on street Bike lane) to McQueston Park.

Pottruff Rd (link Barton St to King St on the East Side of the RHV Expressway). Somehow have to safely link east and west using Queenston and King St (Barton st Bridge has a very wide sidewalk but not sure if cyclist can legally use this?)

This may not really qualify as a greenway, but what about mountain brow?....while stair climbing / jogging the east mountain rail trail, I see a ton of people commuting on bikes using the Kenilworth Stairs to get up the mountain. Many people will then use the upper stairs portion that takes you to Mountain Brow at Margate.....I notice about 25% will go west along Margate (already proposed brucedale path), and 75% of them will then continue south along Mountain Brow, which has a very wide shoulder and has the potential to become an official bike lane. That takes you past Broker (proposed greenway), and continuing south will eventually take you to Limeridge Rd (proposed greenway). The rail trail is great, but some people will not use it because it may go too far south for them, it’s too secluded, or they are worried about their thin tires on the rough patches.

I also find it pathetic that when they built the mount albion bridge over the RHV expressway, they never considered a bike lane to link east and west. Even the sidewalk is extremely narrow!

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