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By Detalumis (anonymous) | Posted June 18, 2013 at 15:21:19

That's a good one, you don't mix downsizing retirees and students in the same building. It will be a student only place, that's it. I am looking for a condo to buy in downtown but can't find anything that isn't uber tiny and that's not what downsizing people want to buy. I also don't want a rental. This city does not have many units for people who have the money to buy a larger place and don't want to live in the suburbs. If I want a small rental there are huge numbers to choose from already. The handful of times a decent sized condo gets built the units are presold before I hear about then and then show up on MLS for 100K over the price - sorry won't play that game. You could easily build larger condos in this location and have them sold.

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