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By everywhere365 (anonymous) | Posted July 03, 2007 at 21:32:14

Ok, small world as I was just in TO this past wknd and (for a reason)but Sunday I cycled all over TO to search a HotSpot or WiFi FREE nothing like I expected then after over 1 and maybe even 2 hrs have coffee and eats around 10am! finally on Front St right across CBC (I asked couple cameral guys if I can pick up free wireless from my laptop)they said try.
I tried and picked up (convention Centre?)but not free.

I used to live & work in TO 80s- 90s but big city by especially cycling.

long story short. I "FINALLY" found a cafe on Queen/Ossington & got a card. small nice cafe.

I checked Google but found a gimic for gadget U pay to seek free WiFi spots.

I cycled all over TO from a friend's place High Park to Queen/John Starbucks(Hydro1)not free, then yonge, Church, King,........
Toronto is a money trapper especially if U don't know the city like I do/did.

I have to return again soon for visit and buz reasons.

Cogeco is good here Hmailton to Oakville only free wireless but U might need a password like Williams cafe every Thursday (across from Mac)

A wireless card otherwise if it's worth it.

I used to pick up free but from a router most now security enabled and the owners are informed of this.

Freedon of wireless is important over profit.

But $120 a coffee is cheaper than $170 in most cafes if not Williams just to get free internet. Or just bring water and sit outside.

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