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By everywhere365 (anonymous) | Posted July 03, 2007 at 20:07:18

Hi all,

Every1 knows me or seen me so that's a hint/giveaway?

I read every posting and most is pretty well what I'd say.

I'll try add some. The automobile is probably 'now' the worst invention ever. More of a status back then but if we use our brains & common sense & some phylosophy(THINK)....

Human power is the overall best invention/innovation over automobile in far more ways than most may think.

It's the creation of the metal machines that dominated and changed the road rules & our life styles(created jobs)and now job loss and stress but cycling is coming back.

I always cycled but trapped in the "old" get a license then DRIVE. perhaps a road to hell?
Parking, moving violations, road stress/rage,
car problems and few accidents. Winter probs.

Cycling 365 I have few probs and I don't mind walking.

We all pay taxes and the comment that drivers pay cyclists way for a free ride is BULL!

I pay more taxes as sole cyclist than many drivers if I own a business or pay mortgage.

I know MANY on ODSP/SOCIAL ASSISTANCE who own a car. drive but perhaps low rent(SUBSIDIZED).
And most seem very ok to work full time.

Autos run over animals, poeple, or drivers kill themselves. The only legal weapon that also polutes, damage roads(danger to cyclists)most or second killer to tobbaco(?)

Drivers ride on sidewalks to pass cyclists or speed on left to turn right at intersections.

Drivers most often get fined and pulled over.



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