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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted June 08, 2013 at 08:16:12

I don't think any reasonable person would argue we don't need significant investment in public transit and in fact our transportation infrastructure in totality. What reasonable people are fed up with is government dipping into their pockets again to pay for it when there is already enough government revenue to cover the $2 billion a year they say they need to fund The Big Move.
Ontario government expenditures have gone up almost %100 percent since 2001-2 from around $65 Billion to this years $127 Billion. $2billion a year out of that number is less than 2%. Every one of us has had to as some point make difficult decisions with our finances and prioritize what we spend it on. Usually that has meant making decisions about more than 2% of our household budget. Yet we do it and move on. This government is drunk on public money and spending like a sailor on shore leave in Bangkok. Only $477 per household? Really?( Thats on the low side. The announced average is $917 per household. ) Think about that statement for a minute. Maybe it's not that much money to you or me, but for a large percentage of the people in this city that is enough to cause some stress in their daily/monthly lives. And it's not necessary.

This is an election issue, not minor piece of legislation you try to sneak through on the QT. Lets hope Ms Horvath has the jabronies to pull the plug on this corrupt, inept government and we can have this debate in the public forum where it belongs.

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