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By RobF (registered) | Posted June 03, 2013 at 23:18:26

I'm cautiously optimistic about converting the street to two-way. I use it in its present form as a cyclist taking my daughter to and from her daycare behind the big church on James North. I realize that technically i'm breaking the rules riding south each morning up MacNabb from the North End, so the conversion is good in that regard.

But the main reason i ride on MacNabb is because it is quiet and in its present form fairly wide ... i can ride at least a door length away from parked cars. Cycling in this town feels dangerous enough in most places without having a 3 year-old strapped in kids' seat behind you, but i have found this route well within my comfort zone. And she and I enjoy the ride, to be honest.

I haven't seen the plans yet, but i hope they consider dedicating two-way bike-lane space on the opposite side from street parking for cars. Otherwise, i may find this less of an improvement and more of a detriment as a cyclist. I like James North as a pedestrian, but you couldn't pay me to cycle on it.

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