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By Mark-AlanWhittle (registered) - website | Posted June 02, 2013 at 09:41:19

I live on the mountain. There are very few one-way streets. I don't go downtown because of the confusing maze of one-way streets. After all, all the present streets were two-way when they were originally designed, then switched to one-way over-night. If two-way conversion continues, I might go downtown more, spend some money. Everything you could possibly need is on the mountain and an abundance of free parking. Downtown parking is expensive, many lots are private, closed to the public. The parking meters don't even take swipe cards, like everyone wanders around with a pocket full of Loonies and Toonies. When I go to the Doctors on Young Street, I take the Upper Wellington bus, a minutes walk from my house, there and back. Plus the time to bus downtown and back. Takes more time, but is less costly that driving and trying to find a parking spot close to the doctors office. Being retired, I have more time to waste, so taking public transportation is always an entertaining experience as the bus stops and starts frequently to pick up passengers. Everyone who pays property taxes pays a portion of the costs of public transportation, even if they rarely use it. Plus if they do use it they pay the going rate, no free ride unless you have a real, doctor approved disability. Another problem is the amount and size of good you can physically carry, as opposed to having a car with a trunk or a Van. Another problem is people riding electric scooters, they are like small cars now. Anyone can buy them and drive them around. They should pay the fare, as they take up twice as much room as a person. Personally, everyone should pay the same, no matter as public transportation should not be a charity, like it seems to be now. I also do as much walking as possible as there are many, many retail stores within walking distance of my house. Sometimes the Van sits for days in the driveway. That's the advantage of owning a car, instant transportation on demand, if you can afford it. Hard to beat that with public transportation. That is the dilemma faced by public transportation. Car manufacturing is a big part of our economy, so getting rid of cars is a noble idea that will never happen.

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