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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted May 30, 2013 at 14:02:54

I seriously wanted to scream when I read your VERY INACCURATE description of Highway 6!

It is a FOUR LANE Highway (plus turning lanes) for MOST of the stretch with the exception;North of goes down to two lanes in parts of the smaller villages and then back to FOUR+ all the way through to Guelph.

There are MULTIPLE multi use COMMERCIAL properties on both sides of the Highway.

The "turn for Flamborough Downs", is Highway 5, a King's Highway established before there was a City of Hamilton. This intersection of 5+6 is known as Clappison's Corners and was considered the most prestigious development areas in the 70's and 80's for all of Hamilton Wentworth...

"keep driving, you're still in the Country" ~ WRONG~ in less than 2 minutes you HIT THE 403, (less than 3km from Clappison's) not more farmland~ a candle factory on the West, a golf range on the East, an exit to head into Dundas or Aldershot.

If you had glanced to your right aproaching Highway 5 (West side) you SHOULD have noticed the INDUSTRIAL BUILDING known as your left (East side) TARGET, KEG, DOLLAR STORE, VALUE VILLAGE, BOSTON PIZZA, CANADIAN TIRE...ETC...(Post amalgamation, yet slated for expansion pre; my Father's companies have been at Clappison's since 1976)

If you had glanced to your right (west side) just past this intersection; you should have seen 'Innovation Drive' a large building housing multiple companies PLUS the other large scaled retail, commercial and industrial buildings. (All were in place PRE amalgamation.)

"So remember: the next time someone tries to say Hamilton can't have a functional mixed-use, mixed-mode, mixed-density because of its area, what they're really trying to get you to believe is that we can't have livable streets in downtown Hamilton because there are farmers in Flamborough and Glanbrook."

No Ryan, there are also multiple businesses, some second and third generational operators; who thanks to the mindset you have echoed (simular to our municipal Employees) cannot fathom that we have our own world away from the core...NO BETTER, NO WORSE ~BUT we do not have the TRANSIT system to get our kids to their jobs AND we don't mind doing so...(unlike Canada Bread that has City subsidized bussing).

Please paint an accurate picture and try not to blame what our Government FORCED upon ALL OF US ~ to those of us who continue to live where we were brought up. That is NOT going to solve any of the issues whether we live in Durand or Dundas, Flamborough or Glanbrook.

I would support better Transit in the core if it were capable of sustaining itself...until then, I support repairing what needs to be repaired/replaced and ADDING SAFE pedestrian + cycling venues through out our City.

Have a GREAT day Everyone.


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