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By tre (registered) | Posted May 29, 2013 at 13:14:01

The Benefits Case Analysis claims that the benefits (entirely on estimates and assumptions) of the options are: BRT: $313m Full LRT: $852m Phased LRT: $748m

And the costs: BRT: $220m Full LRT: $784m Phased LRT: $655m

For a benefit-cost ratio of: BRT: 1.4 Full LRT: 1.1 Phased LRT: 1.1

Already, there is creative math in play, for if you actually make the calculations yourself, you will get: BRT: 1.423 for a return on investment (ROI) of 42.3% Full LRT: 1.087 for a ROI of 8.7% Phased LRT: 1.142 for a ROI of 14.2%

How can you call the benefit-cost of the two LRT options the same?

With that kind of number manipulation, it's not surprising why it could manage to conclude in favour of the option with the least bang for the buck (even by their own numbers). But let's argue with reason and not rhetoric. Certainly, the full LRT option may dwarf the other options on some non-measurable factors, but that's because it's the most expensive option, and thus providing the most stimulus for the economy and development. Following the same (flawed) logic one could probably conclude that a subway for the B-line corridor is even better, although it will cost way more. What the report should have considered is that for the price of one full LRT we could build three BRTs in the city (with less cost), benefiting three times the area. Compare that with the smaller-scoped LRT option, and you might conclude differently on which option has the greatest impact on economic development, urban revitalization, environmental sustainability and user experience.

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