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By grahamm (registered) | Posted May 29, 2013 at 08:36:24

I wrote several pieces on the Herkimer and Locke project and agree wholeheartedly with your critique. In response, I would like to make the following points.

Herkimer and Locke was selected because it is about as non-contentious an intersection as we could think of. There is a school, a church, a busy commercial stretch nearby, and so there is a lot of existing pedestrian traffic. The existing traffic is important because it allows the project to demonstrate, on a small scale, the ultimate results of this type of pedestrian improvement.

When we spoke with the City regarding its installation, we were very deliberate in our position that this should be the start of these types of projects, not the end, and that they need to start happening across the City in order for them to be ultimately successful and not seen in the way you describe.

So let's stay positive and hopeful. We're to meet with the City soon and discuss how similar projects can occur in other locations and we'll definitely be pushing for less obvious intersections. And I don't expect much push back.

I think the excitement on RTH you note is in response to the speed and relative lack of red-tape experienced by this project. I, and I think others, are hopeful that this is indicative of a new attitude within City Hall and that this is indicative of a shift in an exciting new direction.

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