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By TacticalUrbanism2.0 (anonymous) | Posted May 29, 2013 at 00:55:13

A funny look at a city trying to counter the effect of tactical urbanism:

This throws up an interesting potential for tactical urbanism 2.0

Instead of painting white crosswalks on asphalt where they are much needed, why not make a series of slightly raised strips of asphalt with curved edges, in perpendicular direction to road, so that it becomes uncomfortable to drive over it at higher speeds.

No one at city would notice it for long time, except the drivers who would presume it is the city once again doing a bad job of patching cracked roads. And they will never complain knowing that the city never listens anyways. While the city staff will never notice any difference to the road, as they are used to providing roads with various state of cracks, canyons and lumpy patch work.

Where to get asphalt for this? Have a block party to raise some change. Then just stop a city truck carrying asphalt and make a deal to dump some in your neighborhood ;)

For a more permanent solution it will be a pain trying to convince your local councillor and Gerry Davis to trade city paint for a speed-bump/crosswalk combo, so this may only work as a tactical urbanism project.

And for when the city catches up and removes it, the material is totally recyclable unlike paint! so this project could even apply for mock LEED certification and garner some serious international notoriety while embarrassing the city into finally addressing the problem of local speed.

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