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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted May 23, 2013 at 15:13:50

" you can drive through in 20 minutes - a talking point no one should be proud of -..."

Try telling that to someone who has just called an ambulance or the fire department. I am sure they would be glad that the city can be driven through in 20 minutes.

"We have virtually no congestion in large part because we have prioritized our public infrastructure investments on highways, low-density suburban sprawl and vastly overbuilt lower-city streets that destroy the neighbourhoods they cut through."

How do you expect people and goods to travel without highways? Please name an urban centre in NA that does not have a highway network?

Our suburbs are not as low density as you might think. The rural areas might be but if you go to Ancaster and Dundas etc they are just as high density as the lower city (but not the dt core). Besides LRT is not planned for the suburbs.

Our lower city streets were not overbuilt a generation ago and the neighbourhoods were not destroyed a generation ago either. Downtown decline has been a trend across the western world for years now - not just Hamilton. It is the population in the lower city that has declined as people chose to move to bigger houses and nicer neighbourhoods with less crime.

Your reasoning does not provide an answer for why LRT is needed or cost effective. Basically you made my case. The lower city is not congested. With no congestion LRT will be a complete failure.

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