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By Mal (anonymous) | Posted May 22, 2013 at 23:36:31 in reply to Comment 88870

It's not just Hamilton (though the city is reliably backwards). Look at the recent debate in Toronto's council chambers, or the Brampton vs. Mississauga dust-up, or the Western GTA Summit whose big takeaway was that transit is an important priority. The province had doubtless hopedto take its cues from the GGH/GTHA municipalities, but it's increasingly looking like a bigfooting is in order.

I'd say that mainstream media has done a decent job of pushing the discussion (Metrolinx surrogate Civic Action basically have a soapbox on 680New, the Star is very pro-transit, and even the National Post has run its share of Bedford op-eds). For all of that, Metrolinx is still all but unknown to 90% of the voting public. This despite spending wads on PR. The adult discussion is mostly difficult at this stage because the province and Metrolinx have avoided having that discussion for the last three years. Instead, they launched their conversation mere months before they were to deliver their funding recommendations. That deadline is basically here now. Ten days from now, the other shoe drops, and we will go on to improvise the most ambitious infrastructure undertaking in a generation.

Fingers crossed it turns out well.

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