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By viennacafe (registered) | Posted May 22, 2013 at 20:18:10

The LRT and the Big Move will both die slow, agonizing deaths unless we, the voters, indicate to both the Liberals and the NDP that we support the vision and we will back it with our ballots. If you put yourselves in the shoes of Wynne, for a moment, the Liberal Party has been advancing a modest green agenda and has little to show for it in terms of electoral support. Recent polls show a Hudak majority if an election was held today and if you like Rob Ford and his War Of The Car you'll love Tim Hudak.

On the other hand, the Liberals have failed and are failing to engage the public in explaining the benefits of the Big Move in terms of economy, ecology, and energy. In the coming years climate change is going to radically reshape how we live and we can either prepare for that or we can, pardon the pun, be hammered when it is imposed upon us.

I do sympathize with Wynne in acknowledging that an adult discussion with Ontarians can be difficult in light of the utter failure of corporate media to adequately frame the debate. In Hamilton, for example, while The Spectator reports on the product offerings at Tim Horton's and McDonalds, it is yet to report (to the best of my knowledge) that atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have reached 400 ppm.

That leaves it to alternative media, social media, and ourselves to get the message out.

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