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By Tired of Barton (anonymous) | Posted May 21, 2013 at 08:22:47

I feel for Gary and Barabara and can only begin to imagine all the nightmares they have gone through. This city is needs to take a good hard look at other cities/towns that thrive through the reuse of old buildings. French Quarter New Orleans comes to mind. VEry old buildings with multi purpose usage. It is actually illegal to tear down a historic building there without major analysis and neighbourhood imput etc... As for Barton St. becoming more of a residental area. I have been at the corner of Emerald and Barton for six years now and watched this area go down hill on a slow steady pace. Far too many storefront rentals that certainly DON'T meet any kind of code. The amount of hookers, pushers, pimps and dealers is higher then it has been in the six years i have been here. I have complained numerous times to Bernie Morelli about this only to be told that he is doing a spectacular job shutting down these illegal apartments and that we should all be proud of him for his work. *cough cough.. Ya sure whatever Mr. Morelli.. i notice that YOU moved away fromt his neighbourhood and into Ancaster many years ago. Just b/c you grew up here does NOT make you an expert anymore. This area has changed drastically from the quaint neighbourhood of Italian and Portuguese folks with lovely shops, bakeries and such along the strip to what it is now. It IS NOT OK.... I pay my taxes maintain my home and give it curb appeal.. for what? the endless absentee landlords who are buying up every house that comes on the market and then doesn't care WHO moves in. We had people across the street for the better part of a year where the police were there on a constant basis. There numerious SERIOUS assaults as well as a stabbing right outside our house due to these people. This is not a neighbourhood to raise a kid in. I have considered moving but at this point in time i am worried i wouldn't get value for my home. I am curious to see just what all these VISITORS for the Pan Am Games think when they have to bus it or walk down Barton St. to get to our FABULOUS NEW stadium.. Welcome to Hamilton what you see is what you get... rundown buildings, absentee landlords, hooker, pimps and crooked city council.. Come to think of it we are becoming much like Detroit or areas of L.A without even trying.. :/

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