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By DMF (anonymous) | Posted May 14, 2013 at 15:54:42

At the meeting, the developers claimed that the 4-story plan was proposed by the previous owners and that it wasn't something that they ever thought feasible. Yet they knew this is what the property zoning supported when they purchased. Now all of the sudden, they want it changed.

We heard from people who had already purchased Phase 1 units who were horrified to learn of the change, claiming that the developer told them it would be 4-stores in phase 3. Additionally, the majority of the promised green space has been turned into (visitor) surface parking to accommodate the increased density. All in all, a very different development than what they bought into.

This is old bait and with. It's a shame - the developers have an opportunity to build something special with this development but it appear that they're throwing away their chance for the sake of extra profit.

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