Comment 88605

By jim (anonymous) | Posted May 10, 2013 at 12:56:14 in reply to Comment 88551

Come on. Development is not some exalted thing. You know as well as I do the praise developers are seeking - the kind you can put in the bank. Developers will build wherever the legislators give them space to build; if that's a four story infill project or a 17 story, it's possible either way. This is about smart growth not some stupid polarity between do what you want and do nothing.

Before you claim NIMBY tell me where these developers all live. Next, try building 17 stories in Oakville or Ancaster and then come back to me with your sermon.

As for infrastructure, DCs exist so development pays their infrastructure burden. New infill generates new burden, which is arguably way higher because of retrofitting costs. It's a marginal effect so your argument that this is a city wide problem is moot; one development would never bear the whole cost.

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