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By elevatethedebate (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2013 at 10:07:08

It's about time developers get a little boost in height to help them build more units downtown. Let's not forget that the developer did not get the same treatment as the other downtown developers, he did not get the development charges waived as this project is 1-2 blocks outside of the boundaries of the downtown revitalization area, and no justifications were ever clear on why those boundaries did not include this site, especially since it's been in development talks for more than 15 years. So it's only normal for a business that employs hundreds of our neighbors to try to make money. Had City Council agreed to this request, this probably would not have happened.
17 story and people yell and rant. I say let him build 20 story and ask for some of those units to be allocated to affordable housing programs that are in dire need of units in the downtown core.
How about we stop thinking about a couple of houses that stand in the way of modernity and try to maximize projects like these for the greater good of our city! One comment higher by Frances mentions that these older houses would see their property values drop 30%, well Frances i'm sorry to inform you that you don't have the slightest clue of what you are talking about! In infill redevelopment, when new construction comes close to your lot, your property value goes up as developers want to buy it to build more new units. Please check any type of stats ever released by a real estate board in the GTA in the last 20 years before propagating false information such as this.
With the building of this project, hundreds of workers will be able to work and bring food on their table and one of my neighbors is one of them. More people will live downtown, spend money downtown, help local business downtown and if we finally elevate the debate above the endless "mean old developer who wants to make money" then we could actually get a project that will be good for even the less fortunate in our city core. How about that for a change? Short minded thinking is one of the reasons close to no new housing units were built downtown for the last 20 years. We need more units, we need affordable units, we need rental units! Let's make it happen for Pete's sake!

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