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By Frances (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2013 at 00:56:16 in reply to Comment 88451

It's interesting to me that people here are criticizing the DNA for trying to give the neighbourhood a voice on out-of-control development. This whole area would have been flattened for highrises,with many beautiful Victorian homes destroyed in the name of "progress".

And, isn't this the same builder who's responsible for the terrible building at Aberdeen and Dundurn that completely ruined the small apartment building south of it on Dundurn? I hardly think we can "trust" this builder to "add high quality, well-designed buildings to the landscape".

Consider if this proposed zoning change was requested on the property next to or across from YOUR house, devaluing your property by 30% or more, when you had investigated the plans for the area before you made the move. To suddenly have the plans change because the developers decide they can't make enough money and need to make more.

Should we roll over for developers and allow them to destroy our neighbourhoods for their profit margin? No. Those days are over. The Durand Neighbourhood Assocation began in response to out-of-control development, and will continue to advocate for well-thought-out planning.

As for adding more residences to neighbourhoods within walkable distance to downtown, there are plenty of lots closer to downtown that are used for surface-level parking that would be more suitable for a 17-storey building.

Great article, Nicholas.

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