Comment 88455

By neighbour (registered) | Posted May 08, 2013 at 21:04:08 in reply to Comment 88443

Your "knowledge" is uninformed. we have documents starting in 2008 for a request for a "high density development... in the form of two 62 unit, 9 storey buildings and one 4 storey, 24 unit building". Each request has increased the density. The "9 storey" bldg now up has a huge roof that adds at least 3 storeys to the structure. Come and have a look! The now 11-storey bldg will be 14 storeys! We have pictures showing the 3 bldgs, one of which is the 4-storey row of town houses. We have elevation drawings showing their 4 storeys. This 20-storey bldg is completely inappropriate and unacceptable. It would probably be unsustainable on that small space and overtax Hamilton's notoriously inadequate infrastructure.

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