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By Mal (anonymous) | Posted April 27, 2013 at 18:47:41 in reply to Comment 88240

Increased bus connectivity and frequency to the trunk line would be the ideal (and, arguably, logical) outcome, but it's not one that was prescribed in the Rapid Ready report:

"With implementation of LRT, an increase between $2.9 million (no increased ridership and 6.5 minute LRT headway) and $3.5 million (assumes an 8% city-wide increase in ridership and a four-minute LRT headway) in the transit portion of the City operating budget levy can be expected. There may be a need for some reduction in service frequency to fully utilize the available train capacity. This scenario also assumes the LRT system would be operated by the City of Hamilton and *eighteen buses would be removed from service.*"

Not sure how this would impact users west of McMaster. Presumably they'd need to preserve part of the 5 family (ie 5B, 5C, 52, 52A) in a modified form in order to maintain west-end local service. Otherwise they're stranding some of the very users who helped plump up the B-Line ridership numbers and complicating LRT adoption.

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