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By GrapeApe (registered) | Posted April 23, 2013 at 18:23:10

Dear Council,

I moved to Hamilton in 2003 and at the time I only knew the Hamilton that many outside of this fine city perceive -- that Hamilton was mainly industrial. While the city certainly has a proud industrial history, a history for which it should take more pride, I have come to love the many other characteristics of this city. One of the best recent developments in Hamilton is the new vibrancy felt in the core. Despite the often intimidating and seemingly neglected spaces, people are making an effort to make the city core a family friendly environment and their home. I am one of those people.

At some point the city of Hamilton touted itself as striving to be the best place to raise a child. I ask council, with all due respect, by what measure? Safety? Health? Opportunity?

I have been closely following the discussion on LRT. Many people are focussing on the business case for the investment. I have no illusions that there will be a financial cost. I also believe there will be considerable return for that investment, but I also feel as though it is the seemingly sole focus of financial return that is derailing this initiative. A collective sum of initiatives could all be advanced by remembering the vision for the city, rather than a disjoint series of tax hikes. I find it disturbing that council would allow the decimation of our city's "future fund" for a single sports complex, a comples that was intended to support amateur sport, predicated upon a number of intangible benefits to "the city", while a real city building and potential rebranding opportunity cannot find similar focus or commitment from the mayor. The LRT offers a chance for this city to make real gains in making the city core inviting to all residents of Hamilton (and beyond), to spur both business and residential growth, and (to me) most importantly to make the core a place where families and their children can thrive with having a more active lifestyle, cleaner environment, and pride in the city's vision.

I ask council to send a clear, strong message that Hamilton actively supports LRT. I also urge council to appoint an official spokesperson to represent a clear and consistent message in Hamilton's interest in obtaining the LRT.


GrapeApe Ward 1 Resident

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