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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted April 22, 2013 at 17:59:49

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Dear Mr Mayor, and City Council

My name is Gregory Galante. I live in Ward 3, am a lifelong Hamilton resident, homeowner and tax payer. We have been presented as a community an opportunity with the proposed LRT system to further cement, build upon and expand the recent renaissance we have all witnessed begin in our downtown and lower city. This has come after years of suburban Mississauga like sprawl and the increasingly expensive and inefficient infrastructure investments that go with that sprawl. Such trends of municipal planning are from a bygone era that each day become a smaller and smaller speck in the rear view mirror of hour city's history.

Hamilton has an opportunity to jump ahead of the times and embrace philosophies of densification, vertical growth (why are we afraid to build high rises in this city ?), walkable streets, slowing traffic and encouraging entrepreneurship, business growth and general livability across the breadth of the oldest part of our city. The benefits of this potential however will benefit everyone who calls Hamilton home no matter where they happen to live. This comes in the form of an increased tax base, both residential and commercial, as the influx of people both working and living in the core rises. LRT while no panacea is an intregral part of continuing to invest in and promote the rejuvenation of our city. To paraphrase Indianapolis Mayor Bill Hudnut, "you can't be a suburb of nothing".

I would implore all of you to get off the fence if you are sitting on one and pursue the building of LRT in Hamilton.

Gregory Galante

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