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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted April 19, 2013 at 23:06:47 in reply to Comment 87916

The big thing is the train is far more consistent and efficient then the highway, but here are some reasons.

  1. Uses less gas which is cheaper and more enviromentally sustainable after the initial startup costs are taken care of (which they practically are, the tracks and trains are already in place).

  2. Delays are far less frequent and typically smaller in scope then traffic accidents, volume delays, visual distractions on the highway. This makes for more cosistent arrival times.

  3. Scales better with use, adding a new cart to a train costs far less then adding a new lane to an already large highway system or buying a new bus.

  4. Infrstrucutre cheaper to maintain as rails typically last longer then road do, espcially when you consider how many large volume trucks use the QEW/403. Also cheaper to maintian with longer lifespans then busses.

  5. Expansion lowers car commuters who drive their cars to other stations, such at Aldershot and Burlington so they can use the train, because it is more attractive then bus service for reasons stated above.

  6. Immediate benefit for large events, and stadium evens in downtown Hamilton or events at the New Ivor Wynne/Gage Park have an efficient method for people from out of town to get into town without having to use a car or be humstrung by traffic congestion. This makes conventions, hotels and large events more viable.

  7. Better riding experience as fewer bumps, quieter engines and more available room is present.

  8. Safer as track and train inspections are done far more regularly then most vehicles and drunken & reckless rail operators are far rarer. Accidents are far rarer although admittablly larger in scope.

  9. Has a better effect on property values and spinoff development then bus terminals and routes do.

  10. Potentially faster with electrification of rails.

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