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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted April 19, 2013 at 02:28:03

I'm tempted to...if only to say that this to me is insanity.

Nearly every single building between Wentworth, Dundurn, Aberdeen and Barton is on it! I take one look at the Dundas and downtown sections of this map and I feel exhausted looking at it. I would dread having to go through this, building by building to separate the wheat from the chaff of this map, which is the core issue I find with so much of Hamilton's heritage advocacy. Too much focus is on the ideal of maintaining heritage because it's old and not enough on saying "This building is specific building is old, it is the place of a noteworthy historical events/had these noteworthy people living here or possesses these unique architectural traits that you can't find nearby in the city (or aren't likely to see duplicated again).

Petitions that say "We want Delta Secondary protected because not only has countless generations graced it's doors since 1925 and specifically these noteworthy alumni up until recently was the oldest school still servicing Hamilton, it possesses a unique intricately carved archway entrance tower, boasting unique spires towers and sculptures above it's east and west entrances and was the first schools in Hamilton to offer specific commercial courses." and before a demo permit is being considered/issued.

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