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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted April 18, 2013 at 21:07:49 in reply to Comment 87953

That land has the potential to be a signature piece for the city. I'm still undecided on the casino issue, but Pier 7-8 is definitely not the location for one.

A properly scaled mixed-use development that appeals to both people who want to live there and people who want to spend leisure time there should be the goal. And by leisure I don't mean gaming... keep it open to attractions that have a far wider reach among Hamiltonians and visitors to the city.


“We’re talking a medium density. You’re not going to see skyscrapers. We want to make sure that the waterfront remains very attractive to Hamiltonians — a place where you want to bring your family to enjoy restaurants and shops and a lot of businesses that are very local in nature. Hamiltonians are going to proud of it,” Murray said.

“We want to do things a little differently than Toronto. We want to create a place where people want to come, that isn’t overly developed in the sense that it’s just highrises everywhere and you can’t see the water anymore. So scale is critical.”

I agree completely.

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