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By Mogadon Megalodon (anonymous) | Posted April 18, 2013 at 14:27:59

Concepts like "heritage" and "authenticity" are not universal, of course. To a good portion of the city's transplants -- immigrants from Toronto and lands still more distant -- the local postcard parade barely registers. And I'm not terribly surprised when someone from a former British colony is nonplussed by the "stories" imbued in Victorian architecture. (There's another disconnect opened when we take joy in flogging our core properties as a budget-priced investment item to a crowd of knock-kneed speculators out for easy money.)

But yes, creative approaches to adaptive reuse should be encouraged. Small business owners should be urged to take advantage of facade improvement and heritage grants (despite its charms, even James North is not immune from atrophy such as cornice rot).

Speaking of creative community, has anyone ever considered crowdfunding a solution to architectural heritage challenges? Or are we content to treat this as a matter where appreciation and awareness rather than money and will are the impediments? Who will air out our stinkables if not us?

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