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By Cynic (anonymous) | Posted April 18, 2013 at 03:25:43

I for one live in the lower city; I mostly telecommute for work. When I do have to go to toronto for a face to face I mostly take the GO bus... What's the problem ? Will the train be any faster?

Will the train be able to divert if some one gets hit behind the Chapters in Burlington? ....

Can some one explain to me what is so much better about the train than the bus ?

Hamilton risks being drawn into the same transportation vortex that toronto is in ....
Which is basically you argue until you transport is so fundamentally broken that it is unfixable ....

I lived on Spadina in toronto for almost 25 years, I almost bought a building with some 'money from heaven' ... today that same amount of money would barley pay the lease for a year. Spadina is the poster child for LRT's that should be held up. NOT buffalo .. I realize that to most people Spadina is (now) a gridlocked mess, if you had seen it's condition in the 1990 you would understand why it is a success.

Go trains to Stoney Creek, is only a recipe for more urban sprawl, less farmland and plays right into the usual suspects hands.

How about this? A full on campaign for the GO busses going to and from the the 'maintenance' ( I have no idea what happens there) yard on Wentworth (behind the dog park on birch). To use the a consistent route to and from the station on Hunter(?) and to STOP in ward 3 ... just like they do between the station and the 403.
As it is Ward 3 gets NO benefit from this added traffic and pollution ( These busses have NO people in them besides the driver). For me (conflict of interest) this could remove 20 minutes from a trip to Toronto(If I was on time!).

There are too many 'towns' and not enough bypass tracks for a train to be anything more than a milk run...

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