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By bobby1 (anonymous) | Posted April 12, 2013 at 17:02:30

Usually I read Raise the Hammer at least once a week! I really hope you take this as constructive as that is how it's intended. Many of your features are only of interest to a few,not saying they aren't well written & important,just that so many other issues should be considered as well that appeal to a larger segment of potential readers! Maybe increasing the mix of issues a bit,alittle more hard hitting such as your journalists opinion on budgets,area ratings,police budget,Mayor & Councillor performance,size,cost effectivness of Municipal Services & employees as some examples! I know you are volunteers doing a good service,but I sense you could easily become the voice of Hamilton attracting more readership than even the Spec! Just a thought and hopefully taken in the postive vein it was meant to be!

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