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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted April 10, 2013 at 18:05:28

I live next to this access and often witness closures as a consequence of crashes.

Many times in the past few years there have been minor upgrades, all in the name of safety, and they don't appear to be working.

I have suggested to the city that the most effective safety strategy is photo radar. For some bizarre reason, drivers on this access do not respond to the usual cues to slow down of a narrow, twisty, steep road with poor surface condition, and see it a a challenge to see how fast they can go. Several times I ascend the 50 km/h hill at about 55 and am aggressively tailgated.

The city brass has categorically rejected photo radar and will not ask the province for an exemption for this high crash rate location.

I suspect the current plans are giving in to driver's desires to speed, so the logic goes they might as well build a road that can handle high speed more safely.

Technically there is not much you can do to this road to straighten it out enough to satisfy modern requirements. Or at least that's what the surveyor guy told me a month ago.

So I predict no safety benefit from this summer long closure, as long as Hamilton drivers are self-centered and continue to speed on critical accesses like Beckett, we will need photo radar to slow them down.

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