Comment 87595

By Long Waits (anonymous) | Posted April 01, 2013 at 02:41:05 in reply to Comment 87531

If you folks are satisfied with that type of service, or lack thereof, then enjoy your long waits and annoyed friends.
I'll take mine to where I know service is stellar, and to those places which deserve my money.

Another issue I have with this new B&T is the entrance (thought the urbanists here would be annoyed too?). Why didn't they put the main entrance on the corner like how Jade Garden did? The two doors on James Street seems to confuse some newbies.

Also, why did they choose such a large number (four) of differing signs (in shape, size, colour, and materials used)? It makes the building look tackier on the outside than it did before.

All in all, this restaurant is a disappointment from a service and urbanist point of view.

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