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By matthewsweet (registered) | Posted March 29, 2013 at 20:14:59

It would appear that based on the timelines presented in the background documents found by some of the commentators, that this road project did not "just appear". In fact it seems as though it was a much longer more involved process than the pedestrian crossing signal on Aberdeen. On balance, I think that while it is regrettable that the ped crossing project faced such resistance from city staff, the signal did get installed after a one year citizen campaign, while a 10 year planning process with many opportunities for public engagement (say what you will about municipal planning public engagement but it was available) for this new road seems proportionally appropriate.

Mal's point about demographics is very appropriate and the response it drew was not. The attitude of this blog post and of some snarky replies to reasonable counter points only serves to exacerbate the urban/rural divide in this city. This is a false dualism which is being perpetuated by both sides. Instead of urbanists complaining about improvements to the intersection at Hwy 5 and 6 and the construction of this new road, perhaps instead they should take the opportunity to call for bicycle friendly designs, high standards of construction to mitigate environmental concerns, etc. A calm acknowledgement that all interests need to be served instead of whining when other areas of the city are beneficiaries of projects would be more constructive.

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