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By WestdaleBorn (anonymous) | Posted March 22, 2013 at 01:31:19

I really appreciate this article. It's thoughtful and makes some great points about the rare and valuable natural areas in Westdale. But I don't see the unwelcoming aspect of the photos that the author clearly does. I know it's late to comment, but I had to add my thoughts. I went to GRA decades ago and we weren't fazed by the lack of a path along the park. There was a sidewalk right across the street if we wanted it. Usually, though, we liked to ramble along the grass by the bowling green, that is an experience most urban kids surely do not have. And as a Mac student, the RBG and the trails were an oasis of beauty and peace, and I liked the fact that paths weren't forced on me in the park. For me, it's not a huge negative that there aren't signs and walkways everywhere. The existence of the park itself is an invitation to "enter" it - I don't need a sign to tell me to do so.

But the entire Cootes area is surely in need of protection, as the author points out so well. This is a unique and beautiful corner of nature, which was lovely to grow up with, right next to the campus and the village. If it takes mommies and strollers to protect it and keep it up, so be it. I just wish there weren't so many greedy landlords wrecking Westdale with their noisy, rundown student houses. Those houses were meant for families, not hooligans.

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