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By blinders (anonymous) | Posted March 21, 2013 at 15:03:01 in reply to Comment 87312

Take off your blinders. The manufacturing side of the auto industry is also heavily subsidized. The entire automotive culture is in a negative feedback loop where the income generated by taxes comes nowhere near covering the staggering costs to taxpayers of widespread car usage.

You seem to want to take a holistic view - that's great. So let's consider ALL of the costs:

-subsidies direct to auto manufacturers (bailouts, tax breaks, etc)
-road construction
-road maintenance
-real estate value/property tax lost to travel lanes and parking spots
-medical costs of crash victims
-medical costs of sedentary lifestyles
-medical costs of air pollution
-loss of productive output from citizens whose working lives are shortened through death or injury

and on and on.

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