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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted March 19, 2013 at 04:00:48 in reply to Comment 87317


I understand the point you're trying to make. I'm not saying that there isn't room to make our streets safer or that they aren't without their problems, but I can't help but point out some issues in what you've written.

The one-way streets, the four solid lanes of traffic going in one direction, 10k above the speed limit, make it impossible to get into the lane I need to be in, to turn on to the street I need to turn on to (one can't dart in and out of small openings in traffic flow with a Chevy Astro van

First, no one should be darting in and out of small openings in any car.

Second, if it is truly impossible, how do you manage to arrive at work collision free?

Third, if someone isn't able to merge in traffic traveling at 60 km/h, what are they doing with a driver's license?

During a busy time of day, I was pulling out of Sir John A McDonald's western most parking lot onto Canon today and had to make a right onto Hess. That's 4 lanes in about 100m. It wasn't challenging.

I need (a car) to navigate within the city as efficiently as possible. One way streets are an impediment

I guess everyone is different, but I simply can't understand how this could be the case. I have to navigate as efficiently as possible by car throughout the city 5 days a week. My livelihood depends on it. My opinion is in stark contrast to yours. One Way streets are very efficient in getting me around the city by car.

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