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By Michelle Martin (registered) - website | Posted March 19, 2013 at 03:24:45 in reply to Comment 87316

Wow, LOL all over again -

Yes I drive a car, a minivan, in fact -- I work downtown and normally need to have my vehicle to do my job. The one-way streets, the four solid lanes of traffic going in one direction, 10k above the speed limit, make it impossible to get into the lane I need to be in, to turn on to the street I need to turn on to (one can't dart in and out of small openings in traffic flow with a Chevy Astro van, but my husband has the longer commute and so takes the smaller vehicle).

I don't need to use my vehicle to get to the highway as fast as possible-- I need it to navigate within the city as efficiently as possible. One way streets are an impediment.

If I didn't need my car most days, I'd take the bus more often.

Ryan, I laughed when I saw your reference to going out for dinner: yes, going out to dinner for us, if we aren't walking down to Limoncello on Ottawa Street, involves driving along King and then figuring out which side street to turn down and to double back to where we need to be.

Back a couple of weeks age, I wrote a blog post about going out for dinner in Hamilton with some old Toronto friends of ours. When we do this, we always tell them to come to our house first, then we drive together to the restaurant-- much easier than trying to explain to them how to get there via the one-way streets. We can never remember exactly where they will and will not be able to turn, we need to be in the actual area to remember, so it's easier for them to come with us. Not very efficient, that.

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