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By newsflash: hsr sucks (anonymous) | Posted March 18, 2013 at 16:06:16 in reply to Comment 87287

You make an excellent argument for improving our transit system. The HSR is so horribly inconvenient that even the staunchest transit advocates find it dysfunctional.

I find it hypocritical for people to accuse transit supporters of not taking every trip in their lives via bus, and yet be totally against spending public money on transit improvements.

Have you see what's going on at the skyway? How much do you think that maintenance project is costing us? How about all of the work done on the 403 overpasses and the proposed crap at clappisons? All covered by our taxes. Yet try to get extra transit funding and all the capitalists who enjoy the roads that non-drivers help pay for scream about freeloading pinkos.

We live in a society that punishes those who choose not to drive. If you own a car, and you aren't travelling alone, the car automatically becomes the cheapest transportation method. If a carload of people (say 4) need to travel 6 blocks for an evening out, it would cost $16-$20 in transit fares depending on whether you buy tickets or pay cash. If one of those people has a car, our subsidized roads, parking and other infrastructure means that same trip will cost a couple bucks (if that). If the same 4 people want to go out to Toronto, it's $83 just to get to Union and back - and if you need to take HSR to get to the GO, and TTC to get around toronto, you can add another $10-$30 to that. Or you can spend $10 in gas and $10 for parking, all subsidized by the public (many of whom don't drive).

If the laws of capitalism were applied fairly to cars, we'd have a LOT fewer of them on the road.

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