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By jason (registered) | Posted March 18, 2013 at 13:42:36

It might seem as though a one-way street is only a small inconvenience, a marginal irritant that shouldn't make a difference, but economists - and experienced business owners - know better. People make decisions at the margin, and small changes in accessibility can lead to big changes in behaviour.

This point is absolutely right, and everyone outside of the core who constantly praise our one-way streets knows this point to be true. How do I know? Because they are always the ones freaking out and demanding instant change to any perceived slight inconvenience to their local businesses. Case in point - Waterdown and Stoney Creek going berserk to have parking meters removed.
So, on completely easy to navigate, safe, two-way, complete streets in downtown Stoney Creek and Waterdown the local reps and citizens felt that tossing a few quarters into a parking meter right next to ones car was a big enough deterrent to harm business. Yet they are quite often the same folks who dismiss concerns about the huge effects our one-way system has on businesses along King, Main, Cannon etc....
Let's trade. We'll take their parking meters, they can take our one-way streets. Oh wait, we already have both, and they have none. Just more proof of the double standard in this city that intentionally helps suburban neighbourhoods and intentionally harms urban ones.

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