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By observer (anonymous) | Posted March 15, 2013 at 19:25:51

Good for Ryan. Up top, someone complains: "I believe you wrote this and posted this here to feed off of the reaction of others to make you feel better, since you know they likely share your beliefs on this." Ryan's motives are known to Ryan. Ask him, or, deal with the actual substance of this very thoughtful and, lord knows, (sorry) timely "occasional" article, on his web-site. More power to Ryan for critical thinking rather than dangerous, often stifling, casuistic jesuitical thinking. As for me, no, you don't know what my religious/priestly/rabbinical/pastoral etc. background or spiritual preference, if any, is. And I think that I didn't until know about Matthew 15:11 and its interesting online commentaries. For observant Jews, of course, it is sacrilege, and the height of dismissive convenience. For devout Christians, it's (likely) something quite different. Matthew, if you look, "borrowed" heavily from what some call the 'old' testament. Whether Matthew's written work is plagiarism or revisionism could be an interesting discussion. As well, Matthew, in making creative use of holy material from well before his time, among other things, was also a very able propagandist.

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