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By ispeakcanadian (registered) - website | Posted March 13, 2013 at 16:27:49

Any way that people can pay for parking with their phone and/or credit card is FINE BY ME! We just moved from Calgary where they have the ParkPlus system. You sign up online, load in your credit card, phone number and license plate number(s) then call a number when you park and enter which zone you're in. Then when you leave, you call the number again to end your session. Meters don't exist, just pay stations. You also don't have to carry cash which is something I'm still not used to. And the best best best part of it all is that you literally pay for parking by the minute. You never overpay by jamming $2 in the meter when you really only need $1.50 worth. Putting $20 on your account goes a looooong way (I parked on $20 for a year, as a casual downtown driver/parker.

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