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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted March 06, 2013 at 15:51:20

I hope everyone does realize that many of the Suburbanites you seem to dislike; actually are real people who pre-amalgamation were happy with our little Towns ~ which had its' own "core" and rural areas...

As an owner of a 'rural' (according to the new City ROP) business; I can assure you that there is NO FUNDING/GRANTS/CITY MONEY for my business...Take a look at the millions being offered for the downtown residents AND business owners.

And on and on it goes...

Balance across the board for ALL Taxpayers would be welome!

I am close to tears when I read about all of the money that is dedicated to the core ~ I could certainly use the break to keep my business (established in the 1960's) looking good and thriving. Instead, my taxes go up (NO SERVICES) and I have to watch the money flow away...

Have a great day everyone!


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